WPT Royal Flush Girls Visit Bell Gardens PD Explorers Program

As part of the ongoing outreach to which WPT Foundation is committed in the local communities World Poker Tour visits throughout the season, the WPT Royal Flush Girls, along with WPT Host Vince Van Patten, took a trip to Bell Gardens PD to learn about their Explorers Program while in town for WPT Legends of Poker at the Bicycle Casino.

This statement briefly sums up the goal of the Explorer program:

The Explorer program is a national program, and our goal is to reach out to the at-risk youth in the community to not only possibly create a path to law enforcement but also to build character, leadership skills and interpersonal skills.

WPT Legends of Poker – Part 1 airs this Sunday night on FSN at 8pm and 11pm local time, so make sure to tune in to the episode to catch all the poker action and WPT behind-the-scenes segments.

To read more about WPT Foundation and the organizations that are part of the outreach program, head over to the WPT Foundation beneficiaries page.

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