Video: Los Angeles Lakers Youth Foundation Charity Poker Tournament

On Sunday, August 25, 2013, poker pros and celebrities came out to LA’s Bicycle Casino on Sunday to pay tribute to late Lakers owner Jerry Buss and raise money for the Los Angeles Lakers Youth Foundation by playing in the Frank Mariani – Jerry Buss No-Limit Hold ‘Em Tournament, presented by WPT Foundation. Like the Lakers organization, the tournament was a full-on family affair, with Jerry Buss’ good friend and partner, Frank Mariani, Mariani’s daughter Roberta and grandson Anthony in the field, along with Janie Buss.

Other notable players included WPT’s Vince Van Patten, who finished third, and Toto Leonidas, who finished second. Steven Pulliam won the tournament, netting nearly $8,200 for the victory. Not making the final table was David Chiu, a five-time WSOP champion who donated one of his World Series bracelets to the Bicycle Casino in memory of Jerry Buss.

In total, the tournament raised more than $7,800 for the Los Angeles Lakers Youth Foundation.

Check out the clip above to learn more about the event and Los Angeles Lakers Youth Foundation and make sure to tune in to  FSN at 8 PM & 11 PM on Sunday, 11 PM on Wednesday, or  other times throughout the week (make sure to check your local listings) to catch all of the action from The Bicycle Casino.

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